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Faribault Economic Development Authority

Welcome to the Faribault Economic Development Authority's website! The Faribault EDA provides assistance to local businesses in the form of loans and grants, in order to expand the local tax base, create jobs and promote a business-friendly environment.

This website is your one-stop shop for everything related to development and business in Faribault. It includes research, demographics, building codes, planning and zoning information, maps, small business and entrepreneur resources, residential lot inventory, available commercial and industrial sites, utility information and more. 

Don't miss the award-winning community video presentation, which illustrates the exceptional quality of life Faribault has to offer your family or business.

See what Faribault has to offer

Faribault is the pefect place for your business or your family: a place where you'll find both Small Town Pride and Big City Opportunities.

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